25 Things

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Bulldog Lucy

1. I love cheese.
2. I hate thunder and lightning.
3. I like to sleep while chewing on my blankey.
4. I can sleep for hours and hours.
5. I bark and cry when I don’t get my way.
6. I like to go on long walks.
7. I can eat grilled hot dogs all day long.
8. Some people think I resemble Gladys the Cow from Sesame Street.
9 . I like to chase leaves.
10. I enjoy licking and chewing ears.
11. Milk Bones are my favorite.
12. I don’t like bigger dogs.
13. I tear apart all my toys.
14. My best friends are 3 pugs named Daisy, Frank and Buddy.
15. My bark is worse than my bite
16. I can hear you cutting an apple from 3 rooms away.
17. I like to play hard.
18. I am a NY Giants, NY Mets and NY Rangers fan.
19. I don’t like other dogs sniffing my butt.
20. I am a rescue.
21. I own the couch in my house.
22. I like having my belly rubbed.
23. I don’t like guitars or the sound they make.
24. I HATE ladders.
25. I love lying in the sun.

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